Azim Saju In Franchising World Magazine

Apr 26, 2013

Franchising World MagazineApril, 2013Azim Saju of HDG Hotels provides valuable insights on financing your business venture.  Read the Article Here Azim Saju, principle of HDG Hotels and president of the Choice Hotels Owners Council, in Franchising World Magazine Ocala, FL., April, 2013  — Azim Saju, one of two brothers who founded Ocala-based HDG Hotels, was recently invited to write an article on franchise financing and lending for the well-known business magazine Franchising World.  His article, “Obtaining Financing so You Can Advance Your Growth Strategy,” outlines eight tips for how to best gain the financing that you need to pursue your business venture.  These tips include: Considering if you should pursue a Franchise Vs. a Non-Franchise business model

  1. Gathering your businesses financial history including all statements and appraisals
  2. Putting together a coherent plan outlining the use of the monies to be lent
  3. Maintaining character and credibility through honest interactions
  4. Negotiate (interest rate, repayment schedule, loan amount)
  5. Consider government backed loans for small business ventures
  6. Maintaining regular and constant communication with your lender
  7. Determining the amount of financing that you are comfortable with