Dec 12, 2015

December 12th, 2015 marks the first-ever HDG retreat. This was a chance for all eleven hotels to join together for some friendly competition.

We met midday to see who was going to walk away champion of HDG Hotels. Each hotel had to endure four different relay races. The races consisted of Hoola Hoop Worm Relay, Pipe Line Relay, Frisbee Relay, and Water Balloon Toss Relay. The winner of each race then battled in the finals to see who would triumph overall.

Holiday Inn Express in Inverness took home the 1st place ribbon and trophy with enthusiasm and excitement. They walked in confident, and committed, and left a champion.

Once we discovered the winner, we decided to have one more challenge before dinner. We played Tug O War. This event was competitive and fun. There were hotels teaming up to battle others out of pure joy, laughter, and the desire to win just one more time.

After all the festivities were done, there was an opportunity to join together as a family to end the night out eating some delicious food. There were hundreds of hot dogs, burgers, chicken breasts, as well as baked beans and cookies for dessert. As music, talking, and laughter filled the air, it was clear that this was not just one hotel talking to only those they knew, but a company full of different branches uniting for the same cause.

Even though there was only one 1st place winner, we tend to think that each hotel walked away a titleholder. Whether the team was from a Holiday Inn Express, a Comfort Inn, a Quality Inn, a Sleep Inn, Hampton Inn, or Howard Johnson they have the opportunity to stand boldly and partake in the privilege of being a part of HDG Hotels. We look forward with anticipation for next year’s retreat!