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Constant training and retraining are at the core of our HDG management philosophy. The training and retraining are beneficial because they allow our more experienced team members to share their knowledge with our new team members.

In so doing, our experienced team members get to re-train while showing our new team members our policies and procedures. It also allows our new team members to understand the hotel at which they work so that they are able to handle issues, such as reprogramming door locks, handling tax exempts, and even managing the hotel during power outages.

We also focus on training through the resources available from our respective brands, such as Choice University, Hilton OnQ Insider, IHG’s MyLearning and brand communications . By leveraging off of these free resources, we make sure that we have a team of individuals that are fully trained in all aspects of our hotels’ efficient management. These resources also allow us to fully leverage off of the resources that our brand provides.

In addition, HDG hotels has periodic team leader huddles via webinar to discuss training issues such as booking groups, property walks, room inspections and third party website content review and optimization. All HDG hotels have morning team huddles with their housekeeping department which focuses in on different areas such as, cleaning bathrooms, treating stained linens, lost-n-found, organizing and stocking housekeeping carts. HDG hotels also conducts similar types of training team huddles with their front desk and maintenance departments.

Lastly, as part of our training and coaching programs, each of the hotels within the HDG group keeps a scoreboard so that all of its team members are aware of their hotels’ performance.

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